Dugong is the very first AUV model designed and built by NYUAD RoboSub based on a BlueROV2 platform. After half a year’s dedication from all of our diligent team members, we proudly present Dugong to the RoboSub competition 2022.

Developed from the already decent and reliable BlueROV2 platform, our Dugong integrates many powerful features to cater to the needs of the various tasks required by the competition. With a water-tight battery hull, the most dangerous component of the whole robot is insulated completely from water. A hydrophone array placed at different points around Dugong gives the robot sufficient ability to perform ultrasonic localisation under water. Various control and computation components are integrated into the main hull, allowing Dugong to control its own navigation. A customised camera casing allows Dugong to visualise what is in front of it underwater, and a gripper attached to the bottom of the robot empowers it to pick up and drop intended objects. The AUV contains a custom-made housing that protrudes from the main capsule to hold the main computer and the front-facing camera; this provides more room for other components such as the power distribution board.